Peeking above pain, suffering, and reaction

Fascism, arrogance, lies, misinformation, deception, subterfuge, the abuse of cherished beliefs and symbols for political again, double dealing, backstabbing, and underhandedness! This are the some thoughts the come to mind when any flavor of Islamists is mentioned, but more so with the “Muslim” Brotherhood.

There is a palpable frustration, hate, and mistrust towards the MB and Islamists in general. The damage they have done to their creditability will be neigh impossible to fix. Even if we are lucky enough to stave of a civil war, we are being pushed into becoming a low-trust-society with all its nasty sociological, psychological,  and economic implications. They can celebrate their “yes” referendum victory all they like, it is Pyrrhic!

They have mutilated themselves almost irreparably and in the process have also created serious fissures in the Egypt’s social fabric. Even when they get pushed out from their position of political dominance, which I am confident they will, it will not be easy repair the damage that they have done.

The time ahead requires a great deal of wisdom on part of all non-Islamists. We will not move forward if we just continue to react to their base, cowardly, deceptive, and self-serving behavior. 

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