Expanding WordPress Julia’s GeSHi Syntax Highlighting

In your WordPress installation you want to modify the wp-content/plugins/wp-geshi-highlight/geshi/geshi/julia.php file.

** builtins
2 => array(
    'Array', 'String', 'Bool', 'Number', 'Int', 'Integer', 'Real', 'Complex',
    'FloatingPoint', 'Float64', 'Float32', 'Int8', 'Int16', 'Int32', 'Int64',
    'Rational', 'AbstractArray', 'Unsigned', 'Signed', 'Uint', 'Uint8', 'Uint16',
    'Uint32', 'Uint64', 'Vector', 'AbstractVector', 'Matrix', 'AbstractMatrix',
    'Type', 'IO',....

You are trying to expand the list of those builtins. In Julia, you extract that list by running

julia> [names(Core);names(Base)] .|> String |> x->filter(z->occursin(r"^[A-Za-z]+[A-Za-z0-9]+",z),x) |> x->join(["'$y'" for y in x],", ") |> x-> replace(x,r"(.{30,75},)\s"=>SubstitutionString(" "^12*"\\1\\n"))|> clipboard

You take the output in the clipboard and replace the contents of the aforementioned array.

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