The mounting stink of lies

Over the span of three days many Egyptians have watched with great agitation programs and events around El-Sebaie Ahmed El-Sebaie on ONtv. The chief coroner came across as a being devoid of the slightest remnants of humanity. He is still basking in power and authority in a manner quite reminiscent of the toppled dictator.

His shining suit, arrogance, and  presumed knowledge were an eyesore. Even the usually blase Yosri Fouda could not help but appear visibly disgusted by his counter-factual statements and contradictory arguments. This was not a case of somebody (or something) that smelled bad, it totally reeked to the point of inducing a mental nausea of the severest kind. El-Sebaie was involved in corroborating the absurd stories that were put forth by the police with regards the events surrounding the death of Khaled Said. Said’s callous murder was one of the key catalysts for the revolution. El-Sebaie also approved a report that concluded that Mubarak should stay in Sharm El-Sheikh and that his condition prevents him from being incarcerated in a prison hospital. His reports have more holes in them than a mountain of swiss cheese.

The fact that many people like El-Sebaie are still enjoying power and authority is very puzzling and it casts the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) and PM Sharaf’s government in a very dubious light. The revolution still has a long way to go. It will not attain its objectives by simply removing all the rotten eggs such as El-Sebaie, but it is has to dismantle the system, mindset and culture that allows for them to emerge in the first place. The existing leadership does not seem to be helping in that regard. There is a theory that the SCAF will continue to present Egypt with many of El-Sebaie ilk, so as to keep the revolutionaries from questioning the SCAF’s action. That theory is gaining ground these days. If that perception becomes widespread, it is bound to have dire consequences for the SCAF and Egypt.

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