The fumbling president

The tide of mass frustration is welling up in Egypt once more. Most people did not have high hopes for president Morsi. Those who knew the complexities of the highly entangled governmental bureaucracy were highly skeptical of the electoral  promises for the first 100 days of his presidency.  However, it is quite surprising to many that he is fumbling so badly.

Lets go through litany of frustrations:

  1. Morsi formed a ministerial cabinet that is widely perceived to reflect his ideological leaning with little attention payed to competence or experiance
  2. Daily blackouts in major cities with little understanding of the root cause or the why the government did such a poor job at capacity planning. It also does not help that Morsi promised increase the flow of electricity to his friends in Gaza.
  3. Morsi is dragging his feet in releasing political prisoners that have been detained by SCAF and tried in sham military courts, yet he promptly pardon jihadists  who have been implicated in terror cases well before the revolution. 
  4. Morsi did little to quell the sectarian strife that  has flared up in Dahshur. It is believed by many that inaction in this matter will give rise to widespread attacks against Copts.
  5. The recent attack on Egyptian soldiers on the Gaza border. Morsi was slow to react and his administration did little to clarify what has really transpired to the population. 

Morsi will continue to be the lightening for anger and criticism if he continues to fails  at communicating with the country’s citizens. He seems to follow Mubark’s style of perpetual vagueness and opacity. As a member of an underground organization for most of his life, Morsi it grossly inept at being transparent or making the government in general more transparent.  His leadership abilities are now being questioned by many.

 Morsi’s Islamist supporters  try hard to spin his actions into something more palatable, yet the president seems determined to shoot himself in foot and presenting himself as a gruff rookie. Their frantic defense is eroding the little of what is of their credibility.

If Morsi were continue along the current trajectory, it is highly unlikely that he will survive his four year term.

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