On the Death of Terrorosity

No glory in slaying a monster you made
No joy! The debt of injustice shall be paid!
What justice and honor and values you state?
Feed anger with hate! Will hatred abate?
Celebrate, smile and self-congratulate!
Enjoy the night…
But when you wake: remember, it is not too late!

Update: This poem was significantly improved by the editorial input of Steve Smith of the Friam group.

One thought on “On the Death of Terrorosity

  1. Mohammed –

    You give me too much credit, however I am proud to have been able to offer something of substance here.

    What I want to offer more than anything is my appreciation of your sharing your experiences here.

    Few of us have access to any direct information with most everything filtered and spun through the news media. Your personal reflections are invaluable to some of us.

    Thank you.

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